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Tlaxco "Magical Town"

tlaxco-pueblo-magicoTlaxco is located north of Tlaxcala state, its name comes from the word Tlachco, which is made with two náhuatl concepts: Tlachtli which means ball game and Co which means place. So Tlaxco can be translated as "In the place where the ball game is played".
As Tlaxco is a community located in the mountains, it has beautiful natural landscapes like forests, gorges, water streams and small cascades which are a real paradise for those camping enthusiasts. The train with its rhythmic sway transports us to a different place and era, while it makes a stop in this town. In the peaceful streets the churches and aged buildings are set apart as reminders of the architecture from the 1900's, the constant references to the art of silverwork and at the same time the soil surrounding the town, invites us to join the adventure to take a stroll around the famous Haciendas and cattle ranches of the state of Tlaxcala. It is an incentive the visit to this area, given the proximity to the highlands of Tlaxco this way you can enjoy Nature without having to go far from the city.

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