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Huamantla, "Magical Town"

Huamantla-pueblo-magicoIn the valley of Tlaxcala still stands an ancient city, home of legendary Otomí warriors, and witness to countless battles. Huamantla, a place protected by the volcano Malintzin faithfully preserves and proudly honors its traditions. In the carnival or other celebration days the streets of Huamantla transform into a colorful river, a stage full of challenges for those brave enough to run through the streets among bulls in the Huamantlada. The cultural fusion is always alive here. From July 31st to August 30th Huamantla has its local holidays to honor the Virgin of Charity whom is celebrated during the worldwide famous Huamantla Fair (Feria de Huamantla). Music, dances, typical food, cockfighting, bullfighting, donkey racings, old vehicles racings, amusement parks and fireworks are part of what the Huamantla Fair has to offer to its visitors. On August 14th comes "The Night Nobody Sleeps", during this night it is a tradition all the craftsman's families decorate more than 7 kilometers covering the streets with tapestries created with colored sawdust and carpets made with fresh flowers which make different figures. At midnight there is a procession with the Virgin of Charity, the procession travels around town accompanied by chants, prayers and burning candles.

As this a special day for the patron saint, the Virgin's image is dressed with new clothes, an embroiled cloak made with gold threads made with a technique called "Canutillo" small cylindrical beads or strings. At dawn the Virgin returns to town and it is received with music and happy birthday songs. Next Saturday takes place the Huamantlada a festivity with 60 years of tradition. Fierce fighting bulls are released to be fought by spontaneous bullfighters around the main streets and alleys of Huamantla.

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