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Regional Museum INAH

museo-regional-INAHThis Museum is located in the cloister of the former Franciscan Convent and current Cathedral of the Virgin of Assumption. Therefore this building preserves original architect elements from the 16th century. O the other hand, it showcases mostly pieces of pottery used ritualistically or on the daily life of the communities from: Xochitécatl, Cacaxtla, Ocotelulco and Tizatlán. There is also exhibited a ceremonial burial from Ocotelulco. Stone carved pieces with the images of Ehécatl Quetzlcóatl; Tláloc or Chalchiutlicue, a votive ax and other pieces. It also has an important religious art collection, temporary collection spaces, and the Andrés Angulo Ramírez library, specialized in anthropology and history.


Tuesday to Sunday: 9:00 a 17:00 hrs.
General Admission: $ 52.oo except teachers, students or INAPAM
Free admission on Sundays
Video fee: $ 45.00
Tel. 01(246) 462 02 62



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